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[ profile] batnandu: dammit, dammit, dammit. why did i never realize that william hootkins played eckhart in batman? or that he played eaton in raiders?
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A note to anyone playing Fallout 3:
If you've installed the Broken Steel add-on before attempting the Finding the Garden of Eden main story-line quest, there's going to be a section of the quest where you're walking through Vault 87 (I'm pretty sure it's the Lab section--it might be the Crew's Quarters, though). You're going to come across a two-story room (like in every other Vault) that'll be the second door on your left after going up a set of stairs. Once you enter, two Super Mutant Overlords will come out and blast the bejebus out of you.

This is a pre-programmed encounter that I'm guessing was with Super Mutant Masters before I decided to pay money to up my character's level cap from 20 to 30. As soon as you step into that room, the encounter activates.

So here's a hint:
Backtrack to the stairs, and go into the first room on your left. Walk across that large room, and exit through the door on the other end. After taking care of all the other Super Mutants around, enter that same room from the other side (where the Overlords would be coming from). The encounter will activate, but this time, with the original Super Mutant Masters without Tri-beam Laser Rifles. Much easier to deal with.

I hope my seventeen hours of gameplay yesterday (note: not all at that part of the game) helps you out.
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  1. The E3 Trailer for Prince of Persia that I downloaded a while ago on my Xbox 360.
  2. The haunting music from the trailer: Saeglopur by Sigur Ros.
  3. The Android app Shazam (originally developed for the iPhone) which told me what the music was without the need for me to do various permutations of the search: "Prince of Persia trailer music."
  4. My Playstation 1 memory card has somehow lost my save game data for my not-even-through-with-disc-1, but-spent-over-a-week-of-playtime game of Final Fantasy VII.
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Watchmen succeeds in capturing the main plotline of the comic, and there are some lovely sequences where Snyder emulates the slow-paced pull-out that Moore and Gibbons created when introducing a new issue. You can tell that Snyder used the comic as storyboards, using the art to set up angles and shots. There's a bit of over-exposition in a couple of places, where the script has characters Legolas the plot points. The guy playing Ozymandias is at times so soft-spoken and wooden, it robs his particular scenes of power--Ozymandias is supposed to be cool and emotionless for the majority of the plot, but there are a couple of scenes in the books where he emotes more, and I didn't really see any of that in the movie. I would have preferred an older, more mature actor in the role.

Pacing was odd--for a three-hour movie, it flowed pretty well, but emulating the comic in plot and focus gave the movie a certain meandering quality, pointing the audience in different directions as to who to empathize with or pay attention to. Not a problem during a 12-issue comic series, but an issue for a largely single-threaded movie. Part of me thinks this would have worked a great deal better as a television mini-series.

There were some changes to the ending that I would have preferred unchanged. I'm not talking about THE BIG THING, but the epilogue. I think the changes undermine some of the themes of Watchmen, but for the most part, I thought the movie a very, very good adaptation of the comic.

Incidentally, for those of you who haven't read the comic, both the movie and the source are very, very dark and violent. You have been warned.

As I've twittered way too many times, "3 out of 4 'HURM's."

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Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you OR I've already read yours and think we have a lot in common.

Honestly, I'm not going to tag anyone because either you've already been tagged or you're getting tired of this whole thing...

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Fark user Antimatter writes:

This one thought that the reference to That one was rather objectionable.
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Reading a pan-fandom community, I came across this wrap-up of the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Quite a wonderful journey, watching Xander make an ass of himself while everyone else saves the world.
My response:
I don't know whether to classify this as hyperbole or missing-the-point.
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Wonder why Cory Doctorow was following Flash Gordon around in a Winnebago while watching the pilot of the eponymous new series of questionable quality?
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Hit the Alamo Jacks 3rd Anniversary Party last night and met up with the Sweetest Girl in All the World. We spent much of the evening playing Wordster on the bar crack video gaming machine with her ex-girlfriend's mom. It was good, however, meeting up with all the people I hadn't seen in a long while down in the Newnan area.

One highlight was hearing the opening "band" 8-bit Wonder, an act consisting of a dude armed with laptop, synthesizer, old Nintendo controllers, mixers, samplers and a mic, playing game-influenced Electronica/Dance reminiscent of VNV Nation crossed with whoever that band was that did "Pac-Man Fever."

Embedded player behind the cut )
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Over the past three weeks, I've somehow lost some of my stuff. I'm pretty sure my 6GB flash drive is somewhere amongst the random piles in my place, but two of my rings are missing. I have this nagging suspicion in the back of my mind that some hairy-footed short people are sneaking into my home and stealing them, but that's just nonsense.

No, I haven't checked my oven.
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So last night, I ended up hitting a local bar for their Guitar Hero competition. Having played very little actual Guitar Hero II, I didn't sign up to compete, my primary reason for being there was to meet up with El Guapo, his brother [ profile] skander, and his other brother who to the best of my knowledge has no sort of blog. I get there somewhat earlier than the rest of the gang and mill about the bar while I wait for the Guapos. At one point one of the competitors walks up to me and asks, "Did you play at the competition at the Independent a long time ago?"

When I reply in the affirmative, he responds: "Dude, you're the reason that I play Guitar Hero!"

I'm not sure what to think of that.

Listening to the morning radio, I learned that the general contractor assigned to do roadwork on I-20 near Atlanta may be fined for exceeding the early-morning time alloted to blocking a lane on the interstate and causing a disproportionate amount of gridlock. Coupled with the recent news that Turner Broadcasting will likely pay some two million dollars for the media and police disruption of Boston as a result of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force viral marketing campaign, it occurs to me that if we're going to make people pay for screwing up traffic, then the purveyors of the Big Dig probably owe the city a pretty penny.

And finally, from [ profile] countessmary: Bold the series that you've seen for 3 or more episodes. Underline the series that you know for sure (or that you've seen them complete). If you want, add three more series (keep it in alphabetic order).

I added Beauty and the Geek, Cupid, and Psych.

big list of television series )
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Regarding the [ profile] batnandu-forwarded link of this football player's name:
[ profile] lazystars: is he a Bond girl?
thepeopleseason: ROFLMAO
lazystars: are you going to post my response?
thepeopleseason: probably not.
lazystars: Okay
thepeopleseason: because if he finds me he'll kick my ass at 5'9" and 208 lbs.
lazystars: uh, you are bigger than that
thepeopleseason: heh
thepeopleseason: I mean, he's shorter and heavier, which means he has mass and power.
lazystars: yes, but the force is with you


Nov. 20th, 2006 09:38 am
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I don't need a new messenger bag. I just set up my new computer at work so that I don't need to lug my laptop in to hear the sound from YouTube vids and MP3s. But when I see that a company in Miami is making messenger bags from recycled (big damn) movie posters, the greenie and the geek in me may very well ignore both the $88 price tag and the possibility that said bag may not even hold my laptop.
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Regarding this:
PinkGator: when we have a daughter, can she be Princess Leia for Halloween?
Although, I gotta wonder why she even needs to ask...
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I'm probably way behind the curve on this one, but it's just so hypnotic. It's a good thing I have headphones, otherwise my cow orkers would probably kill me.

Dear Santa...

[ profile] fiyero2005 gives me the following quote which reminds him of me:
Veronica, I think when you get out in the world a little more, you'll discover that not all well-dressed, articulate, detail-oriented men are gay. Many of them are just...Asian.
-- Mr. Wu, Veronica Mars
And [ profile] batnandu and I watch way too many movies:
[ profile] thepeopleseason: Dude.
[ profile] batnandu: dude.
[ profile] thepeopleseason: dude.
[ profile] batnandu: dude.
[ profile] thepeopleseason: ok I see your point.
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One of my co-workers just walked in to the cave with a problem. He had been working with a document in Microsoft Office some time ago, and very distinctly remembers saving the file under a different name. He wasn't able, however, to find the document under the "Recent Documents" listing, nor was he able to find it in "My Documents."

This sounded very familiar, so I asked him if he had opened up the file from his own hard drive or whether it was opened from the web or e-mail.

See, a few months ago, I was faced with a Pinky who was brought to the point of tears when she couldn't find a Powerpoint presentation that she'd worked hours on. I only managed to find it when I followed the steps that she herself went through to open the document--open mail, click on attachment, work on powerpoint, save.

It turns out that Microsoft Outlook, when opening attachments, saves them to a randomly-named directory under whatever is designated temporary storage for Windows, and then opens the appropriate program. When saving the opened-via-Outlook document, then, it will save any changes to that same randomly-named directory, unless told otherwise.

Now I know the power users reading this will say, "Well, duh--you should always check to see where you're saving things." Indeed, some of the programmers in the audience might say "Why should I go through the trouble of checking where someone's saving something so they don't shoot themselves in the foot?" Well, if you're a Microsoft Outlook/Office programmer, I respond, "Because that's your fucking job."

To begin with, Outlook should probably query the user on whether or not they wish to save/execute an attachment, given the prevalence of viruses and worms. And when any related application attempts a user-initiated save to temporary storage, it should probably ask "You know you're going to save this into temp storage, are you sure you don't really want to save to My Documents?" Hell, it's bad enough with all the stupid tooltips coming from the system tray and that fucking paperclip--where's the harm in adding one or two more actually-useful messages?


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