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Yeah. I've been away for a while. Not a whole lot going on, other than work, work, more work, and living in happiness with the Pink Gator. There was the conversation that I had with [ profile] batnandu about how the inclusion of Optimus Prime would make any movie better, but since that was in the meatspace, I wasn't really able to blog it with any sort of accuracy.

So here follows my rundown of last year's resolutions and how I did with them:
  • Practice Tai Chi more (Don't disappoint the Si-Gong/make the Si-Fu lose face).
    Failed. With [ profile] batnandu's impending wedding, our regular Tai Chi training fell by the wayside.

  • Go Rock Climbing more (I've got a paid membership at the gym...).
    Failed. I managed to hit the gym once or twice, but not with any regularity. I no longer have the paid membership at the gym, however.

  • Minimize intake of french fries and potato chips.
    Moderate success.

  • [ profile] batnandu asked me to add "Increase intake of fruits and vegetables (lettuce doesn't count)" What are you, my mom??!?
    Success. I managed to eat a lot of apples, oranges and bananas last year, and am now, with the exception of mushrooms (poison!) and cilantro, pretty much eating everything I avoided eating as a child.

  • Minimize intake of soda.
    Dismal failure. With my office going Free Soda, I managed to drink more soda in one week than I likely drank in all of 2005. Don't ask me which week, however.

  • Start running (or some other aerobic activity) and increase my cardiovascular endurance.
    Moderate failure. I did manage to get some running in on the treadmill at my place, but that fell by the wayside when I started seeing the PinkGator. I do, however, walk about eight blocks a day on my way to commute via Georgia Tech's Trolley.

  • Keep my place clean.
    Dismal Failure. I realized today, that what I call "cleaning" most other people would call "moving stacks around."

  • Floss.
So for the next year, I resolve:
  • Practice Tai Chi more
  • Cook more
  • Stop getting those disposable plastic bags at the supermarket (bring a reusable cloth bag) and the comic book store (bring a box of some sort).
  • Minimize my intake of soda
  • Keep my place clean
  • Sell crap I don't need/use
Hopefully, I'll be more successful at these.
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I went to Target today.

And didn't purchase a single thing.


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