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[ profile] lazystars, a.k.a. the Pink Gator, has been working as under contract for a Big, Evil, Megacorporation (you know, the kind that arrests their own customers). Lately, she's been having some major trouble connecting to their VPN, and I always end up offering, "Do you need me to stab someone in the face?" (because, as [ profile] stalkyoulater maintains, in the face is always worse).

Today we had the following conversation:
[ profile] lazystars: I may stab today
[ profile] thepeopleseason: stab stab stab
thepeopleseason: there was an old issue of Applause (the Thursday Entertainment insert of the Alligator)
thepeopleseason: where Patrick Hughes wrote some of his poetry.
thepeopleseason: and one of his poems went like this:
Eye on a stick!
Eye on a stick!
I'm gonna stab!
I'm gonna jab!
Stab! Jab!
Eye on a slab!
lazystars: that sounds more like a cheer
thepeopleseason: I would pay money to hear cheerleaders cheer that.
lazystars: save patrick hughes, save the world
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The Pink Gator went to a party this weekend, where she got many a question as to my whereabouts1. Last night, she had the following to say to me:
Can you come with me sometime to one of these things? My friends all think you're Snuffleupagus.

1 Incidentally, I was watching the Florida-Tennessee game with [ profile] batnandu, his wife, and our friend Rob.
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Most of you don't know that I'm attending the wedding of the Pink Gator's cousin tonight. The wedding ceremony and reception itself were quite lovely--the bride beautiful and happy, the attending all smiles and laughter.

Earlier tonight, I'd sat through most of the reception, and the Pink Gator was marvelling at the appalling song selection of the DJ. I mentioned that at least the DJ hadn't played the Chicken Dance, which brought me to the rules of my wedding (which, granted, will be entirely to the approval of the bride-to-be).
  1. No "Chicken Dance."
  2. No "Y.M.C.A."
  3. No "Electric Slide."
  4. No "Macarena."
Once we saw the bride and groom out the door (with sparklers--which my singed fingers are considering a bad idea for future weddings, BTW), the DJ started playing the "Chicken Dance."

And then he followed it up with the "Electric Slide." And then "Y.M.C.A."

Luckily he then played a song not on my list--"Mambo No. 5," which promptly was added to the list (along with "Hey Ya" for good measure). He finally ended the misery with the "Macarena."

I thought to myself, "How could this possibly get any worse?"

And then heard the familiar strains of "Rocky Top."
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I just got back from Borders, where, whilst looking for the latest volume of the Battle Royale manga, I saw a display of books about the University of Georgia. Prominently displayed at the top of said shitheap was the book What It Means to be a Bulldog. Just taking a cursory look at the description at Amazon, I figure the book is full of various platitudes and clichés about football and pride and generally the kind of pap that goes into insipid books about school spirit.

I suspect, however, that the book tends to gloss over this particular aspect of UGA life.
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Got back last night from a lazy, lazy week in Miami.

After mom's visit for a few days, we drove from Atlanta to Miami, with a stop in West Palm to pick up the elder brother. During the stop, I watched him play Counterstrike for a few hours before I began to feel slightly nauseous. Must be nice, having a computer fast enough to make you vomit.

Watched the entirety of the the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions with Jerry and Dad. Mom bowed out in the middle of Two Towers, and though she watched a bit of Return, I don't think it's something she's thrilled to partake of.

I've somehow managed, however, to get my parents (mostly my dad) addicted to Everwood. I watched most of the first season while I was down in Miami, and at some point, I'll need to send the discs down to them so they can watch the whole thing in rapt attention.

Things my brother has overheard his FSU-alum co-worker say:
  • "Well, you should understand. It's in your native language."
    regarding the Aramaic The Passion of the Christ to someone from Italy.
  • "It must suck to lose to an in-state rival."
    to a Virginia Tech-alum regarding Virginia Tech's loss to West Virginia a couple of years ago.
Got cash, some Tai Chi books, Katamari Damacy for the birthday/Christmas. "Katamari Damacy is not a violent game, but you can roll up balls of little children and nobody knows what happens to them after that," according to

Drove back up yesterday, listening to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I also had some PKD short stories, the Return of the King audiobook, Prisoner of Azkaban, and some recording to help me learn French. Personally, I think all of the above would have been more worthwhile...
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A snippet of conversation on our way to Fry's Electronics:
Me: So did you watch the game? Do you know what the score was?
[ profile] batnandu: What, the Georgia-Auburn game?
Me: Yeah
batnandu: No, why do you ask?
Me: That guy has a UGA flag on his truck. What do you think it means?
batnandu: Well... it probably means he fucks pigs.
On a completely unrelated note: I hate being sick.
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Stacey, a friend from high school who graduated with a postgrad degree in sports psychology, once told me that, according to a study performed at either the University of Florida or Duke (can't quite remember), the highs that some people experience when partaking of sports fandom can surpass the exuberance they feel when having sex.

Now imagine that same feeling, turned inside out. During my college tenure, I attended just two Gator games where the team lost. Both at those games, and after I stopped attending because of distance or duty, whenever I experienced a Gator loss I would sink into a pit of disheartened dejection which would sometimes last up to a week.

I had to stop watching Gator games, because aside from an inane superstition that my watching the team play was in some way jinxing their efforts, I would get far too emotionally vested in the bad outcomes to really function well following a loss.

After getting smoted by the Weaufx Gawds last Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, I was in a veritable funk--I was awash in the same feelings of powerlessness and "maybe I dreamed this whole thing" that I had after shitty games, but this time, an overwhelming dread and apprehension accompanied it.

This morning, however, I saw this post in [ profile] metaquotes. And it warmed, in the words of Denis Leary, "the cockles of [my heart]...maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub-cockle area." While the author of the original post may live in Canada, hearing about something like that lets me forget for a moment about all the bitter cynicism that I've built up especially in light of how the election turned out.
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I've got a bad feeling about all of this.

Back a couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time hanging out on Usenet with the denizens of discussing the various goings-on in National College Football.

Now college football fans, like most sports fans, are a cowardly and superstitious lot. One of the longstanding theorems of college football is that the so-called "Weauxf Gawds" listen to the boasts (or "woofs," or as my LSU alum friend Cap'n Ken might spell it, "weauxfs") of a particular team's fans, and the most over-hyped, over-praised team, the team with the most arrogantly presumptuous fans and players, wins a nice little smiting from the Weauxf Gods care of the other team.

You can see this in action by observing the punishment they meted out to Sebastian Janikowski after he scored a field goal to put the FSU Seminoles up 29-25 with under three minutes to go, and then mocked the Gator Faithful with their own Gator Chomp. The Gators' Doug Johnson would hit Jacquez Green on a 63-yard pass with under two minutes left, setting up the game-winning touchdown. Smoted.

So back when the Florida Gators were an actual MNC contender, hanging out on RSFC was part of something I termed "re-wallowing in our winningness"--essentially, enjoying what everyone has to say about your most recent drubbing of the next team.

But, again, my own superstitions dictate that most "pre-wallowing"--seeing what everyone says about the team beforehand, their chances of winning, their star players--tends to favor the other side.

Where am I going with all of this?

I don't know if I'd call it pre-wallowing, but I've done a lot of reading prior to this election.

It's practically unavoidable. I have a yen for one particular side to win, and I can't help reading all of the press about it.

It doesn't really help that the press keeps weauxfing for the team I want to win, either.

Please don't smite the nation, Weauxf Gawds!
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Had the following IM exchange this morning:
[10:17] Cap'n Ken: Nice ride. I like the MIssissippi State colors
[10:17] [ profile] tmhsiao: Step off.
[10:17] tmhsiao: :)
[10:17] Cap'n Ken: :-)
[10:18] tmhsiao: Think of it this way, would you ever drive a Bright yellow and bright purple car?
[10:18] Cap'n Ken: I'd drive a yellow car with tasteful purple accents
[10:18] tmhsiao: lol
[10:19] tmhsiao: somehow, I don't ever see a car bright yellow with tasteful purple accents ever existing.
[10:19] tmhsiao: Now, I love the Gators, but honestly, Orange and Blue is a pretty distasteful color combination.
[10:21] Cap'n Ken: Especially on the people who tend to wear it
[10:21] Cap'n Ken: Not as bad as some orange, though
[10:21] tmhsiao: Just hanging around the tailgate field on game day will show you some pretty hideous people wearing orange and blue camo pants.
[10:21] tmhsiao: indeed.
[10:21] tmhsiao: at least it's not that pale crap orange...
[10:21] Cap'n Ken: and you're off base on the purple/gold car thing
[10:21] Cap'n Ken:
[10:21] tmhsiao: ROFL
[10:24] tmhsiao: I remember I had two pieces of clothing--an orange shirt, and a red&black sweater that people got on my case about the Tenn and UGA implications.
[10:24] tmhsiao: I stopped wearing the orange shirt.
[10:25] Cap'n Ken: yeah, you have to be careful about that ... although it's usually chicks who mistakenly wear other team colors
[10:25] tmhsiao: sheesh. It's just a sweater.
[10:25] tmhsiao: at least there's no danger of wearing yellow and purple.
[10:25] tmhsiao: although, I *am* yellow. so I just got to avoid purple.
[10:26] Cap'n Ken: good point
[10:26] Cap'n Ken: No luck coming up with the LSU tiger-striped Cadillac that's famous in Baton Rouge
[10:26] tmhsiao:
[10:28] Cap'n Ken: nice
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[ profile] amezri created this sweet Blue Man Group icon for me. Like I told her, there aren't enough words in the English language to describe how much this (and she!) rocks.

One of the best parts? It's serendipitously Orange and Blue!
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Found on a post about Gainesville, FL:
Burrito Bros.
Has anyone ever eaten at Burrito Bros. on the west side of 13th just north of University Ave.? I've heard mixed reviews about it.... Also, anyone ever eat at Leonardo's on University Ave. just east of 13th? Just trying to find new places to eat around gville...

I am so craving the Guac now...


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